Our story

Pod Experiences was formed in 2017 by husband and wife team Phil & Philly Harris (the original Ps in the Pod!). The first experience to open was Pier Pressure in 2018, with Paradox Place and Puzzle Parade both launching in 2021. Phil and Philly are the power couple behind the purple who came from very different professional backgrounds. Phil was an experienced events organiser and Philly an academic with a PhD in positive social psychology. They never thought their different worlds would ever join forces, but in setting up Pier Pressure Escape Rooms as a first venture they soon realised that they complemented each other incredibly well and soon wanted to expand to design more experiences.

Our goals

We aim to provide the very highest quality experiences and attractions to Brighton and the surrounding areas. We want to build experiences that we would enjoy participating in with our friends and family, which means we love what we do and are passionate about our products!

We have ambitions to open more experiences in future years, and yes, before you ask, they will all be PPs!

Our ethos

Brighton – We love Brighton. We love the Brighton people and their spirit. We want to celebrate this magnificent place and try to theme all our experiences around Brighton. This means the experiences are completely unique to Brighton – there may be similar attractions around the world, but you know you’re in Brighton when you’re visiting our experiences!

People – We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We know that high energy, positive interactions during your experience are the cherry on top of a good time, so we pour our efforts into selecting and training fabulous people to look after you and make your experience unique.

Fun – All our experiences are designed to be fun! We want you to have a fantastic time, to escape daily routine and share exciting moments with your friends and family.

Our brands: